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jorjaUsually when guys join http://www.cougarfuck.net , they think that the primary benefit that they can get from such a website is to have sex with all these women. This is pretty straightforward. This is pretty basic and to be expected. No problem there. There’s no shame in that game. But you have to understand that if you are very specific regarding your expectations with this kind of sexual demographic, you might be selling yourself short.

The reality is that there are a tremendous amount of other benefits when you meet cougars. Most of these benefits have nothing to do with sex. You have to understand that just because you go on a date with somebody doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to get inside their pants. Women know this, but guys are completely clueless to this. They think that once they spend money on a date or once they spend time, effort and energy trying to get with a women that they are obligated to go all the way through.

Well, if you can get that stupid idea out of your head, you would realize that there are tons of benefits out there when you meet cougars. First and foremost, you expand your personal brand. This can help you tremendously if you are trying to get some business going. Maybe you’re a real estate broker. Maybe you’re a lawyer. Maybe you’re a local doctor trying to expand your practice.

Whatever the case may be, the more you put yourself out there and the more connections you make, the bigger your network. This doesn’t have to have anything to do with sex and have everything to do with money. The second thing is the fact that you are meeting new people and you’re growing on a personal level. You have to understand that your personality is only tested and improved when you interact with people.

It’s hard to grow when you’re always interacting with very agreeable people. These people are a pleasure to deal with. However, if you’re dealing with a bitch or some chick with a lot of drama and all sorts of trauma from her past, this can be a tremendous opportunity for you to grow as a person. I’m not talking about growing at somebody else’s expense. I’m talking about helping heal that person by just being there for them. See how awesome that is? So, stop thinking about sex as the only benefit of cougar dating.

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